November 24, 2014

Slay by Nina Levine BLOG TOUR & REVIEW

BOOK: Slay 
SERIES: Storm MC Series - Book Four
AUTHOR: Nina Levine
RELEASE DATE: November 21st




The ghosts of Donovan "Blade" Brookes' life are closing in on him.  

Hardened by an abusive childhood and haunted by the murder of his fiancé, Blade struggles against the dark forces threatening to consume him.  When he helps Layla Reed in her hour of need, he has no idea she will be the light to his darkness.  As they spend more time together, he is powerless to fight his desire for her.  Powerless to fight his need for her.  However, as his feelings deepen, he pushes her away, reluctant to drag her into his world.  With enemies coming at him from all directions, Storm MC needing his help to fight off a rival, and his father still causing him grief, Blade needs the love of a good woman now more than ever.  Can Layla push Blade to the edge and get him to admit to both of them what he wants?  Or will the darkness pull him under once and for all?


I remained silent and waited to see how far he’d take this.  When his hand moved up the inside of my thigh and under my skirt, I parted my legs and rested my head against the seat, closing my eyes.  He kept going until he reached my panties.  A moment later, I moaned as he pushed his finger inside me and went deep, massaging me at the same time as his thumb played with my clit.  My hands gripped the car seat, and I held on tight.  The pleasure from Donovan’s fingers was intense and I knew it wouldn’t be long until he’d make me come.
“God, your fingers . . . ” My voice trailed off and he pushed harder inside me.
“Fuck, baby, you got any idea how fucking turned on I am right now?  You’re so fucking ready for my cock,” he groaned and I could hear his hunger for me.
I reached across and placed my hand on his dick.  He wasn’t joking when he said he was turned on.  My eyes flew open, and I pushed his hand away from me and sat up straight.  I looked out the window and realised we weren’t far from his place.  “Take me to your house,” I said.
He frowned.  “Why’d you stop me?  I nearly had you there.”
“Because I want you to fuck it out of me,” I answered him and prodded his arm.  “Turn here for your house.  It’s closer than mine.”
“You need to get back for work tonight.”
“Baby, what I need is your cock, so turn the damn car and get me to your place.  We can sort work out after you’ve fucked me.”
“Fuck,” he growled as he turned the car, “I hope you’re ready for this.”

Review by Leeann

Well, Slay has become my favorite book in this series. The only word I can think of to describe Blade is WOW!! 
OK, so imagine growing up with an abusive part time father who , made it clear regularly that he wished your mother aborted you, be shown no love from this man at all and have to watch year in and year out as he turns up whenever he feels like it and bashes the living daylights out of your mother and not be able to do a damn thing about it...

Can you picture it? 

No I couldn't either.. until I read Slay...

By the time I got to the end I could not only picture it, in could feel Blades blackness and dispare.  
I could clearly understand why he is the way he is. I could understand why he didn't feel he deserved to be loved by anyone.
I could also understand why Layla fell so in love with him! Although there isn't darkness to him, underneath he has a beautiful, kind heart when it comes to his family and inner circle.

Layla has not had it easy either. She is from a wealthy but sick and twisted family. She and her cousin have escaped the family clutches and now only have each other. They have survived that way for years.  Layla now owns a bar and her business partner has done a  runner and left her to clean up his mess. Although Layla can look after herself there is one occasion where Blade does have to step in and this is the start of their relationship. 
Layla knows Blade has a dark side, but she accepts him unconditionally.  Layla is broken but she knows he can help her heal as she wants to do the same for him. 

This is one of those stories that show there is good and bad in everyone and sometimes to need to push all of the aside and really look deep to find the person underneath. Everyone deserves to be loved and sometime it just takes the right person to make everything right with the world. 

This story isn't all sweet and lovey dovey,  it's dark and gritty, it's raw and emotional but it shows the true meaning of family (not always blood related) and what it means to have someone look out for you and have your back no matter what. 

I would recommend this book to anyone that knows how to differentiate between a work of fiction and real life. If you are like me and love getting swept away in fabulous works of fiction then this is a must read! The whole Storm MC is a must read!!


5 Stars 



 Storm 4 - Slay (Blade)



Book 4: Slay   AMAZON US I iBOOKS I

AVAILABLE NOW: Storm MC Collection Book 1-3 - $4.99




OK I have become a huge fan of MC books in the last 12 months and this one is right up there as a favorite!!
I love that it is based in Brisbane Australia so I have heard of some of the places mentioned in the book.
Maddison is a headstrong and independent daughter of the president of the Storm MC. In the last couple of years she has gotten herself into some crappy situations and the club has had to clean up the mess. They do it because they love her and want to protect her. Something she is yet to understand.
Now her past has come back to bite her in the bum. She is being called home for her own protection. She doesn't like it. She  is in a good place right now and doesn't want to take a step backwards. 
Her brother Scott has sent her ex J (Jason) to bring her home. 
They both made mistakes in their past and need to decide if they are both willing to put it all on the table in order to be able to get back together and move on.
Because she was born into the club Madison understands the hierarchy and how things work, but she doesn't like it and constantly fights against it.
There are lots of twists and turns and revelations in this book that you don't see coming. This is one of those books that is action packed from start to finish. 
There are lots of tender sweet moments between J and Madison as some hard and fast sex too. These two are so well matched and keep each other on their toes.
If you enjoy reading about hot MC men, their women and what they get up to, check out Storm, the first book in this hot series!

                                          5 STARS 


Nina Levine has hit the spot again with this installment of the Storm MC series.

Meet Scott the VP of the Storm MC  and Harlow who is a vet. They meet when Scott has to take the neighbour's sick cat to the vet. 
They start off bit a bit of a hate/hate relationship, but the attraction is there.
Scott doesn't do relationships, he is a have sex once and move on type of guy. 
Harlow doesn't want to get involved because she has been burned too many times. 
As they get to know each other things change and they both start to feel things they never thought possible. 
Then a rival club threatens Harlow and thing take a dramatic turn. Scott gets help from someone he never thought he would.  
Scott needs to decide if he is ready to commit to Harlow, and Harlow needs to decide if she Can accept the MC lifestyle.

I absolutely love this series so far. It is gritty, hard and fast enough to keep you on the edge of of your seat but has enough sweet and sex to keep you wanting more! The emotions Nina has brought out in her tough arse bikers is amazing. They are tough as nails, but they fall hard, they fall fast and they fall forever. 




OK so this is a novella length book, but packs no less of a punch than the full length novels in this series.
If you love reading about couples getting fighting for, and getting their happy ending than this is for you!  This book is all about Madison and J.  There story has had a lot of uphill battles and this book is no different. This might be their biggest battle yet... if they let it. 
Since J has returned from Marcus' s e forced exile, he has been moody and distant and every time Madison tries to get him to talk to her he pushes her away. She doesn't know why and when she finds out the shocking reason, she makes her decision on the spot without hesitation. The love these two have for each other can overcome anything life throws at them. 
Underneath the tough biker persona,  J worships the ground Madison walks on and he would literally lay down his life for her. 
I loved this short story because it answered a few thing that had been brought up in the 1st two books. 
I also love that even though the book is primarily about Madison and J,  we are still kept up to date with what is going on with the rest of the Storm MC boys. 

There are also 2 suprise chapters at the end that were awesome! 

I loved it!


This is my favorite book in the Storm MC series so far..
I read in the back of the book that Nina wrote some of it in tears.. well I read some of it in tears!
Nash is a cheeky bugger, he knows he is fabulous between the sheets and he let's that dictate a big chunk of his life. Yeah, he likes to share the love!
Velvet is a stripper at one of the Storm's clubs. Velvet and Nash have been friends for years and always flirt with each other but neither want to ruin their friendship.
Unfortunately for them both the attraction is so strong and there is no fighting it.
They both have baggage from previous relationships and they both need to come to terms with, and share their past so they can move on and build a future together.
In amongst all that, there are issues within the club that Nash is dealing with and sometimes it is a struggle for him.
I absolutely love Nash and Velvet as a couple,  they are so well matched, he is stubborn but so is she..
She never backs down and he wouldn't want it any other way.
I would recommend that if you are an emotional reader you might want to have your tissues ready!
Again, I loved that I knew about some of the places mentioned in the book and as with the previous books I loved that we are kept up to date on Lloyd the other couples too! They don't just disappear into thin air!
I could go on and on about how much I loved this book and never run out of good things to say about it!
I cannot wait to get my hands on Slay!!


USA Today Bestselling Author Nina Levine, is an Aussie author who writes stories about hot, alpha men and the tough, independent women they love.
When she isn't creating with words, she loves to create with paint and paper. Often though, she can be found curled up with a good book and some chocolate.



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