November 10, 2014

Broken Course by Aly Martinez ~ RELEASE BLITZ

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Title: Broken Course (Wrecked and Ruined, #3)
Author: Aly Martinez
Release Date: November 10, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance



Seven years ago, my life changed forever. One accident and the person I saw in the mirror no longer resembled the woman I used to be. I was lost and confused inside my own body. I felt alone and disconnected from the world, carrying the incredible weight of guilt and loss that wasn't even mine to harbor. Then fate led me to Leo James. He taught me that crazy could be perfectly normal and it shouldn't hurt to breathe. Don't get me wrong. Leo isn't perfect. He has his own cross to bear, and the truth is, that might be why I fell for him in the first place. But despite everything he does for me, learning to forgive myself is infinitely harder than overlooking the flaws of another. Now, the secrets and lies of our past have begun to dictate our future—threatening to ruin us before we get the chance to try. Perhaps we were cursed from the start. Or maybe, just maybe, the remnants of our fractured lives will fit together to form one whole, where love isn’t questioned and being happy is…well, easy. Can a second broken soul be enough to fill the voids of my own? Or will such scarred pasts prove too much for our love alone to overcome?

**Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone.**


Review By Sam 


It is no secret over here at FMR Book Grind, I LOVE ALY MARTINEZ! For me, her writing is so capturing and pulls you in so hard, making the reading experience so much more real, intense and totally captivating. 

I have been waiting for this book since reading the first book in the series where we got the first encounter of Sarah, and to be fair I kinda thought she was a psychotic bitch, who was only good for hurting people. I didn't really feel for her, even though she had been through a lot, I felt so much more for Brett's character. We also got to meet Leo in 'Among The Echoes' which is one of my top reads of the year, so if you have not read it, stop what you are no further into this review and GO AND BUY THAT BOOK!!!!! So going into this book I was unsure of what to expect, I was still holding a huge grudge against Sarah's character and wasn't sure her character was redeemable, UNTIL NOW............ Sarah and Leo's story.......SHIT THE BED! It was so god damn beautiful! These two devastatingly broken people, fighting their demons EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, made my heart hurt. Their individual life experiences and tragic circumstances have controlled and defied their every waking move.
Sarah is a strong, sassy woman and wants to be a better person, despite the madness that has been her life, she has done all of the right things to redeem her character from the previous books. So....when she meets.... LEO......that damaged, hot, sexy, alpha goodness who could disintegrate panties in seconds, did I mention his filthy mouth and SPANISH talk, holy shit and he is apparently hung like a..... did I tell you he rides? No? Well how about the way he stands up for his woman, and literally makes your ovaries explode......... 
My apologies, where was I? Ah, yes.....the first encounter between the two main characters nearly melted my kindle, giving me the feeling that this book was going to contain a lot of FIREWORKS. I love the chemistry, banter, humour and HOTNESS that flows through the entire book. Now, it wouldn't be an Aly book without a huge spanner being launched in to cause some chaos! But in true Aly fashion, she connects everything together, leaving nothing unanswered and ensures that her readers are left singing 'HELL FUCKING YES'.

This is a fantastic conclusion to Leo and Sarah's story. The fact that you really do get to see her vulnerability, and the dark side of how she was feeling, made me want to jump inside my kindle and say 'it's ok girl, I got you!' Leo and Sarah are beautifully broken characters, who if they can accept that the past is the past, could be phenomenal together! 


Wrecked and Ruined

wrecked and ruined

Changing Course (Wrecked and Ruined, #1)
Stolen Course (Wrecked and Ruined, #2)
Broken Course (Wrecked and Ruined, #3)

About the Author

Aly Martinez

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Aly Martinez is a stay-at-home mom to four crazy kids under the age of five, including a set of twins. Currently living in Chicago, she passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine at her side. After some encouragement from her friends, Aly decided to add “Author” to her ever-growing list of job titles. So grab a glass of Chardonnay, or a bottle if you’re hanging out with Aly, and join her aboard the crazy train she calls life.

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