August 12, 2014


Title – The Vine 
Author – CA Ellis 
Release date – 12th August, 2014 
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Synopsis – LIZZY MAYNARD: My Life used to be great. I was happy, full of energy, and most importantly, loved. From the day I was born, my family were everything to me: until tragedy struck. Since losing them, I don't love and I don't trust; that way, I don't get hurt. My breath left my body on a soul-changing gasp when I encountered him, and it's yet to stabilize. In him, I have found the glue to mend my broken heart; he makes me feel complete. There is no doubt I love him, trust him and know he won't ever intentionally hurt me. Now, I could lose him. I could lose everything. And this time, I know I will struggle to recover. Welcome to the battle for my life. LUCAS CASTLE: I work hard. It's the only life I know. I care about my family, but no one else. Certainly, there are women, but I don't do love or commitment, and I definitely don't believe in 'the one'. My world tilted on its axis when it happened, when this girl came crashing into my world, changing my life for the better and making me undoubtedly aware that my life would never be the same again. I've fallen in love and want commitment because I have met 'the one'. My life is now complete. Unfortunately, with a tragic twist of fate, I could lose her—my everything—but I will never give up, not without a fight. Welcome to the fight of my life.

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Review by Sam


This is a story of Lizzy, a girl everyone would want as a friend. Sweet, caring, genuine and just a lovely girl. This is a story that takes you on a beautiful love story as well as adding a sprinkle of sadness, a cup of sexy and a whole bucketful of the forever kind of love. A girl who has already experienced loss, pain and grief and a man who she had no idea would completely turn her world around and make her dreams come true.

“As I was staring into space, I saw something move in my peripheral vision and it startled me slightly, bringing me out of my daydream. I looked down to Lucas' hand; his forefinger is pressed down onto the table and he's pushing it forward to me. I looked, confused by his hand, to his eyes, and then back to his hand. Then he lifted his finger and I saw a penny. My eyes looked back to his, confusion still written in them, when I heard him say with a gentle smile on his lips, “A penny for them.” “Sorry?” I asked, not understanding at all. “A penny for your thoughts,” he clarified.I smiled in realisation, and after a few moments of silence, I could see I had lost him to his own thoughts, although by the smile on his face, they must've been good ones. I slid the penny back over to him, and the noise must have attracted his attention as I saw him look at my finger. I lifted it slightly so he could see the penny. I saw his gaze slowly move from my finger, up my arm and to my face. When he found me giggling, he threw his head back laughing at how he was now being the one caught out.”

OH MY! LADIES, WE HAVE A NEW GUY ON THE BLOCK! Lucas Castle, swoony, panty melting, hump my kindle, romantic, charming.......need me to continue....No? I didn't think so.
This guy is the definition of BEAUTIFUL MAN. He is absolutely smitten with Lizzy from their first encounter and stops at nothing to make her his girl. They are already set out with something against them, but they let nothing stop them making this relationship work.
The story is full of romance and is maybe a book you ladies should purchase for your men, telling them you want your own 'LUCAS FREAKING CASTLE' so maybe the men can get a few pointers from him, this guy, seriously, you will want one. I do not want to put any spoilers in this review because it is an experience everyone should encounter for themselves. The Vine is a beautiful story and makes you feel that fighting for love, is the right thing to do.
This is a superb debut novel by a fellow Brit babe! I am excited for more from this author and wish Carol every success in the book world!

Excerpt – "As we approached her flat, nerves started to kick in and I was getting really pissed off with myself with the whole sudden anxiety thing that kept happening when anything involved Lizzy. I don't get nervous…ever! I never suffered with nerves in anything I did, and I certainly never had over a woman. As I was mentally scolding myself, Daniel had pulled up and opened my door. I got out of the car, walked up to the door and knocked confidently, regardless of the weird feelings I had going on in my gut. What is that, anyway? I questioned myself as the door swung open. A very pretty, wild-looking blonde girl answered the door. I thought I slightly recognised her face from somewhere, but I didn't actually know her. "Good evening, is Lizzy here, please?" I asked politely. The pretty girl in front of me frowned and was clearly trying to put on a ferocious act—which she was pretty good at—although she didn't intimidate me in the slightest. "Yes, she's here. She is just getting her bag," pretty thing snarled at me. "And you are…" I enquired. "Never mind who I am, but let me tell you, Lucas Castle—I know who you are. I know your brothers, and I know your game as far as innocent young women like Lizzy are concerned." I could see she was on a roll and had a whole speech prepared, so I said nothing and let her carry on and get whatever she had to say off of her chest. "Unfortunately, Lizzy has fallen for your charms and is quite looking forward to your dinner tonight, so I hope you have the decency to treat her with a bit of respect. She is not the type of girl who will jump into bed with you on a first date, so if those are your intentions, forget it. I also know where you live, Lucas, so if you are out of order at all tonight, or in the future, or Lizzy comes home with anything other than a smile plastered on her gorgeous face, raving on about what a gentleman you've been, then mark my words—I will be coming to find you, and God help you then!" Pretty fishwife lady seemed to have finished. I was smirking slightly, which I knew would irritate her, and it had the desired effect because she scowled at me and turned away muttering expletives. The door was now open, and scary lady stood in front of Lizzy, probably trying to talk her out of going to dinner with me. But that's not why I started to feel pissed off. The reason I was annoyed was because she was blocking my view of the gorgeous girl I had come to take out to dinner. Lizzy was like an obsession to me, and right at that moment, I needed to see her completely, not just glimpses. As if reading my mind, mad, scary, pretty, fishwife lady was storming off from in front of her and into another room. As I watched her retreat, my eyes then slid back to the beauty I'd been itching to see, and as my eyes reached her I felt them widen, because the stunning image I saw in front of me was beyond anything I had imagined over the last few days. I mean, I knew Lizzy would be looking gorgeous for our date, but the woman who stood in front of me looked like a goddess. It was like Aphrodite was standing right in front of me, a vision to behold. And I knew right there and then I would never forget this moment for as long as I lived."
About the author – C.A Ellis lives in Essex with her husband and her two girls. Turning 40 was the catalyst she needed to write her first book, which up until then had been a lifelong dream, so the release of The Vine is officially her dream come true! Her motive to write is readers enjoying her words, a tear being shed, the corners of mouth's being upturned into a smile, laughter being heard and hearts being warmed... 

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