August 17, 2014

Elicit by Rachel Van Dyken ~ BLOG TOUR STOP & REVIEWS


Cursed, numb, rejected, scorned, wicked, sinister, dark, name is Tex Campisi and this is my legacy. I killed my father in cold blood and lost my soul right along with him. 

I crave war more than peace, and I'm about to take my place in history as the youngest Capo dei Capi in the Cosa Nostra...that is until someone stops me, saves me from myself. 

But the only person able to do my best friends sister, Mo Abandanato, and she just ripped my heart out and asked me to hold it in my hands while she put bullets through it. 

Im cursed so I did it. 
I'm numb so I held it. 
I'm wicked so I liked it.

I used the pain Mo caused as a catalyst to turn into my biggest nightmare--the five families greatest enemy. It's my turn to take a stand, knowing full well I'm going to lose my mind to the madness that is the American Mafia. I've always been told Blood is thicker than life. I wish I would have listened. Because regardless of who you love? You will betray. You will kill.

Blood Always Wins. 

The only way out is death...yours.Welcome to the Dark Side of the Family



His eyes flickered to my lips. Before I could stop myself, I kissed him. Our mouths collided. Tex lifted me into the air, growling as his hands slid into my hair giving it a little tug so that he could kiss down my neck. When his mouth found mine again, he broke off the kiss with a curse, taking a step away, his chest heaving.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured, mouth swollen and eyes filling with tears. “I know you hate me.”

Tex’s eyes hardened as he placed his hands on his hips and looked away. “I could never hate you as much as I love you. That type of hate? That depth of hate? Doesn’t exist, baby, believe me, I search for it every night that you lay next to me and I refuse to touch you. I crave it every minute of every day when I see your beautiful face.” 


Review By Sam 


Just went I couldn't get enough of the Elite Series by the AMAZING Rachel Van Dyken, she goes and gives us a book three..... HELL YEAH! Rachel is one of my go to authors....she writes it....I read it....Capiche? Awesome! 

So, Rachel gives us what can only be described as a 'soul consuming' read. I was gripped from the first word until the last, I loved the humour, the suspense, the heart, I'm talking ALL THE FEELS! This is Tex and Mo's version of life, events and surroundings of the good, the bad and the VERY UGLY. A story of sacrifice, heartache, twists and darkness. 

Rachel writes with such depth, it leaves you thinking for hours after putting the book down, just when I didn't thing the Elite Series could get any better than what we have already experienced, Rachel gifts us all with Tex. WHO IS MINE! SO BACK OFF LADIES!!!! DIBS DIBS DIBS! I have officially been taken over by the dark side, but for Tex, I AM SO OK WITH THAT!!

Congratulations on this absolutely 'Mind-Blowing' read Rachel, it is full to the brim with awesomeness, a few cups of angst, a whole bucketful of laugh of loud moments, and a dash passion that is so fierce I swear my panties melted just reading! 

Readers.....this book NEEDS to be on your reading device, JUST STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW, purchase this AMAZING READ and don't stop until you finish!!! You will thank me!!! But, don't you forget....TEX IS MINE!!!


Review By Heather  

 Elicit, the fourth book in Rachel Van Dyken’s Eagle Elite series starts of where Entice leaves off and if fans though Chase and Mil were wait until they get a load of Tex and Mo. Tex and Mo’s story is on fire!!! Rachel takes us on journey of twists, turns and hot mafia men yumminess throughout this book. I must have yelled out “you’re killing me Rachel” about a hundred times while reading.
Elicit is one of those books that is filled with so much that your head spins like Linda Blair in the Exorcist but totally in a good way. This series is one of my favorites and each book is better than the last and that is definitely the case with Elicit. Just when you think the story is going to go one way a character does a triple back flip and goes in a totally different direction.
There are some WTF moments and Tex had me swooning quite a bit. We get to see Nixon, Trace, Chase and Mil as well as some old and some new characters as well. There is one particular scene that had me in tears and another had me picking my jaw up off the floor.
Tex was so much darker than I anticipated and I loved every second of him. Mo has always been one of my favorite female characters in this series so getting to know her and seeing her protective and feisty sides were a real treat.  When their true motivations for their actions come out I was both floored and awed. Rachel wrote this dark tale with such eloquence and grace.  She took what could have been brutal and grimy and turned into something captivating and beautiful.
I can only give one world for the novella at the end without giving anything away and that is redemption.
Rachel Van Dyken I bow down to you for creating this dark, twisted and romantic tale that is Elicit. I highly recommend this book to fans of romance/suspense.


Review By Rose 

WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Holy TexMo....I loved Elicit and it is by far my favourite in the series so far. Rachel has out done herself with ELICIT!! 

You get to read a few POV'S in ELICIT and get in their heads, it really is an awesome read with lots going on. Never a dull moment. 

What can I say besides I LOVE TEX!! Hell you would too if you read it. Tex and Mo have been together for a long time but in this book you see them struggling with life and decisions needed to be made. They are like a pull and push relationship, they just can't keep away from each other even when they shouldn't be together. We see a different side to both Tex and Mo, My stomach was in knots reading it. You truly had no idea which way Rachel was going to take the story. 

There is so much more to say but then I will be giving away too much of the plot!! 

Rachel you did an AWESOME job with ELICIT!! 







About Rachel Van Dyken:

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at



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