May 01, 2018

Bad Intentions by Charleigh Rose • RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW

Title: Bad Intentions
Series: Bad Love #2
Author: Charleigh Rose
Genre: NA/Contemorary Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2018

Moving to River’s Edge was supposed to be a fresh start.
Away from chaos. 
Away from bad influences and worse relationships. 
All I wanted was to give my little brother more of a chance than I ever had. 
It should’ve been simple. 
I didn’t count on my transgressions following me.
And I definitely didn’t count on meeting Dare.
Tall, tortured, and tattooed. 
A Lost Boy through and through. 
Falling for someone like him was asking for heartache. 
But I was a sucker for punishment. 
I had a routine. 
Eat, work, sleep, repeat, only ever doing the bare minimum to keep up appearances. 
I kept my circle small and my guard high. 
I spent years making sure I didn’t repeat the mistakes of my past, forming an impenetrable layer of ice around my heart. 
Then Logan showed up in my town, in my tattoo shop, testing my patience along with my self-control.
She was fire and I was ice.
I should’ve stayed away. 
But I had been cold for far too long.

Review by: Leeann

When I first started reading this book I was not really sure if it was going to pull me in or if it was going to leave me feeling flat. The verdict? I absolutely enjoyed it.

Dare has had a lot to overcome in his life & has really done a pretty good job of it.
Logan has really been dealt a crap hand in life. She has become a single parent by choice and would not change it for a thing. She has moved to a new town under stressful circumstances and is determined to make it work. These are two shattered souls that are most certainly a perfect match. 

Life is messy and there are countless roadblocks thrown in their path but as the saying goes “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain”. And that is exactly what this couple has to learn to do.
The support characters are fabulous and the progression of Dare and Logan from beginning to end is stunning. The growth in the characters is prominent and leaves you wanting more. I was not ready for it to end and find myself wanting to read more about them & Jesse.. 

Fantastic read!! 

4 Stars 

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