October 04, 2016

Styx Victoria Ashley • BLOG TOUR & REVIEW

STYX Walk of Shame 2nd Generation by Victoria Ashley is LIVE!


My name is Styx Sterling and I’m a fucking giver…

Most would say of great orgasms and rough sex, but I have so much more to offer, and when I find the right one I’m giving her everything that I fucking have in me: my heart, my soul, and my life.

So much more than my asshole father could ever give his family.

As fun as it is to have it easy, knowing that I can have any girl I desire, it's no longer enough. I need much more than that.

My desires exceed more than a quick fuck with a woman that simply wants me because I’m a fantasy… a popular male entertainer with a big cock. 

I may give off the impression that I’m just a man-whore that takes any hot woman to bed, but there’s so much more to me than that. It will just take someone looking deeper than my exterior.

My heart is looking for a reason to ache.

Meadow Jenkins. 

I knew the second my eyes met those curious green ones at the gym that she was different than the rest. That she wanted to learn about me.

Unlike the others, she didn’t jump at the opportunity to have me inside her. Now, I want inside her in more ways than one.


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Review by: Erin 

WOW!! These WOS boys just keep the heat coming! This story is the perfect addition to the WOS stories, and the perfect addiction for everyone that loves them. These boys are HAWT!!! The storyline was incredible. The detail and description will make you feel like you are the one on the receiving end! Styx is a great character; hot and possessive, yet sweet and romantic. Some of the scenes will leave you breathless, while others will melt your heart. Meadow is just precious. I love her! She is a strong, independent woman and isn’t afraid to just go with the flow. I honestly don’t think that anyone that reads this book won’t love it. It is that good. Looking forward to Kash!!

5 Stars 

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