April 20, 2016

For Her (Broken Promises Series #2) by M. Dauphin ~ Release Blitz

Broken Promises Series 

For Her
(Book 2
M. Dauphin 
April 20, 2016 

Alexis Grant. The hometown girl that everyone wants to be friends with, especially since her job puts her closest to the LA’s hottest commodity, Lane Sheridan as well as her other best friend Braydon Simms, an up and coming musician. When one event changes her life forever, she relies on the support of those that care for her. Even if that means moving hours away from the life she’s grown to know and love.


Review by: Erin 

Woman, you have left me a blabbering mess in the corner with my blankie! I loved For Now, and For Her blew that right out of the water. There are not enough words to convey my love for this book. The characters are incredible. The storyline is wonderful and flows effortlessly. This story is packed with emotion and will leave its mark on you well into the future. Alexis and Braydon's story is raw and full of depth. I cried throughout this story, for both characters. You will be hooked from the word go. I can't say any more without giving something away. All I can say is that if you haven't started this series, shame on you. You are missing an EPIC story!

6 Stars 

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FIRST CHAPTER (For Now book 1) 

(Broken Promises, #1)

Lane Sheridan has it all and has worked his ass off to get to where he is. He’s one of the most known faces in LA due to his ever-growing modeling career. His best friends, Braydon and Alexis, keep him on track and grounded. When Lane gets news that would change anyone’s life, he realizes he’s been living for all the wrong things.

(Broken Promises, #3)

Braydon Simms. Bar owner, lead guitarist, man-whore extraordinaire. After the events that rocked his world eight months prior, Braydon quickly realizes what’s important and what’s not. Unfortunately, his old ways have a way of catching up with him in the most permanent of ways.

An avid, self proclaimed closet book nerd by the age of nine, Dauphin didn’t take her love of fictional worlds public until she self-published her first book almost 20 years later. Since putting to paper the voices in her head, she’s fallen in love with a career of building, ruining, and rebuilding fictional character’s lives. Currently, she has self published two series, two full length novels, and two full length co authored books she’s written with her other half HQ Frost, as well as been involved with two anthology sets. Her love will always reside with the romance genre, but she does enjoy going off the grid every now and then with non-fiction.
From Southern Illinois, born and raised, she now resides with her husband, two small boys, and two very busy dogs.
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