June 19, 2014

Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels ~ BOOK BLITZ & REVIEW

Title: Sweet Addiction
Series: Sweet Addiction #1
Author: J Daniels
 Release Date: May 2, 2014

Wedding hookups never amount to anything. 

Those who partake in this wicked little activity know the rules. Get in. Get laid. Get out. There's no expectation of a relationship. It is what it is.

Dylan Sparks knows the rules. She’s familiar with the protocol. And she engages in the best sex of her life with a complete stranger at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

Reese Carroll doesn’t care about the rules. He wants more than just one night with Dylan. And he’s too addicting to pass up. 

Sweet Addiction is the story of one girl’s struggle to keep things casual, and one boy’s desire to never let her go.

'HOT! HOT! HOT!', 'panty melting'
& 'funny, sexy and witty'

ONLY 99c 

In Sweet Addiction we meet Dylan Sparks & Reese Carroll.

I’ll be honest, when I started reading the first couple of pages I did think “ok here we go, this is another 2 people meet, have sex & then live happily ever after” book…

I was so wrong it’s not funny!! As I continued to read, the depth of these characters drew me in more & more. By the end I truly wanted more!! I laughed a lot as I read because the sense of humour that not just the main characters but the support characters bring to the story is just hilarious.
The sexiness just blew me away and it’s not just the actual sex scenes that are hot, the sexual tension throughout the story is amazing!!  That alone will keep you reading. The thing that stood out the most however, is the story line!! It was FANTASTIC!
Both Dylan & Reese have some baggage & Reese certainly has a reputation. Watching how they both try to adjust to their relationship both assuming what the other expects (and both of them getting it so wrong) is really entertaining. The pain they cause each other because of this is heartbreaking. They have a fabulous support network of friends to turn to and they are just as entertaining with what is going on their own lives.
I really, really enjoyed reading this book & didn’t want to put it down until I had finished reading it. I think the biggest draw card is that as a reader it is easy to relate to the characters reactions to certain situations. There is an element of the fantasy side don’t get me wrong, I mean who In real life has sex that many times in 1 night?? LOL!! (if you met a Reese I’m sure you would give it a go!!).  But combined with the realistic situations & reactions it makes for some explosive story telling!!

If you are looking for a book that has some seriously funny light hearted moments combined with a bit of angst & so much sexy steam, then I would highly recommend this book to you, you will love it, I did!!!
~Review by Leeann~

J. Daniels was born and raised in Maryland.

After putting her kids to bed, she escapes into her cheeky world where some of her characters kiss, and some of them do a lot more than kiss.

She is an avid reader and enjoys everything from unconventional romance to fantasy novels.

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