June 28, 2014

Falling Stars by JL Brooks ~ PROMO TOUR

We are so excited for this Promo Event for J.L Brooks' Falling Stars Volume #1.

Drugs, Sex, & EDM

It had all the makings of a perfect plot, and for bestselling author Lila Keaton-it was a hedonistic past she kept hidden far away. Many nights were spent crossing the velvet rope, dancing until dawn and bedding one of the worlds biggest DJ’s, Hunter Michaels AKA Arial Assault. 

When Lila’s agent uncovers her thrilling secret, it appears as if nothing is off limits when it comes to pitching the story, whether Lila wants to tell it or not. Despite knowing her reluctance is career suicide, she cannot bring herself to open her heart once more to the man who nearly destroyed it. 

Given the opportunity to escape her predicament, Hunter attempts to reconcile the pain he has caused, and rekindle the passion that was abandoned long ago. When a series of events causes history to repeat itself, Lila sets off unaccompanied through out the west to test her boundaries with the sensual and surreal, and ultimately come face to face with the only thing that can keep her from falling.

“Want to take a tour? You haven’t seen anything yet.”
I nodded my head greedily, knowing I was ready for what he wanted. He led me through a maze of rooms. One held several hot tubs with writhing bodies, wet and demanding. Another, series of showers, and lovers entwined. Each room occupied with flights of fancy, except one. In a lowly lit room laid a series of chairs against a wall. 

In the center was a plain king sized bed with white sheets. There were no pillows, or blankets, and mirrors covered every inch of the room. 

Hunter smiled darkly while leading me into the room. 
“Have you done this before?” I asked.
Part of me hoped he said no but I knew better. Surely someone so comfortable among such things had partaken in its pleasures. 

“No Lila, not yet.”
His answer warmed my body in the chilly warehouse. I could give him this. 
Something he had never had. Without prompting, I found my way to the bed and reached out my hand.
“Maybe it’s time?” I giggled.


JL Brooks is a former columnist turned novelist. What started as a bet changed her entire 

course in life. With a passion for adventure, she believes everyone has a story to tell. 

Chances are she will try to convince you to tell yours. 


Distractions 2013

Rotten- 2013

Stories for Amanda-2013 (Contributor)

Pink Shades of Words-2014 (Contributor)

Twitter- @Authorjlbrooks

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