April 14, 2014

The Beautiful Rose Series by Missy Johnson - BOOK BLITZ & REVIEW

Title: Beautiful Rose Series Box Set
Author: Missy Johnson
Release Date: April 13, 2014

The Beautiful Rose Series is now available in a box set
For this week only you can get both Seduce & Beautiful Rose together for only $2.99
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#0.5 Seduce 

Twenty-five year old Jack Falcon doesn’t do relationships, and why would he when he has woman after woman literally throwing themselves at him? For Jack, life is perfect just the way it is. He works hard and he plays harder.

Jack’s life changes when he meets Belle. Unlike any woman he’s ever met, there is something about this girl that makes him unable to keep away, something beyond the youthful beauty and her innocent spirit. Belle is strong and independent, a big leap from the usual brainless chicks he tends to attract.

Jack begins a dangerous game. He is determined to seduce Belle, and without realizing it, his feelings for her develop beyond anything he has ever felt before. Things become complicated when he learns there are good reasons as to why he should stay the hell away from her.

How can you stay away from someone you want to spend every waking minute with? And what do you do when you know eventually you will destroy that person?

As their feelings for each other deepen, Jack struggles with his own internal demons which threaten to rip them apart. Jack is torn between following his heart and listening to his head, which keeps telling him he is not good enough for her. She deserves better than what he can give her.

How far will he push before they both fall over the edge?


***contains slight spoiler***
Wow, let me just say Missy Johnson had me turning the pages of this book so fast that I couldn’t wait to get to the end, and when I got there I was shocked into tears and left heartbroken….
I loved the way Missy entrapped me with these characters.
I adored everything about this book….the story from the beginning to the end kept me captivated.
We meet Jack Falcon – a wealthy, confident, rude, gorgeous, self-professed man whore who is slightly damaged from his childhood as well as his current cold relationship with his father.
He uses sex as a way of filling in the void of the love and attention he did not receive from his parents.  His life is a mess, his soul broken.   He really believes he is incapable of loving and of being loved.  Will he ever be happy?
"I saw my life for what it was, a mess. A big fucking mess. My nights were filled with nameless women and empty bottles of scotch, anything to try to fill the void left by my mother, and my constant need for my father's approval."
When he meets Belle, she changes his outlook on life.  He is drawn to her and wants her, but doesn’t understand the feelings he is having. 
Belle is young, sexy and sassy and has her own secrets.
Jack has never chased a woman before, but he chases Belle.  She is different, she makes him feel alive.
"She had the kind of face I’d remember, and coming from me that said a lot. Beauty was everywhere, and when you sleep with as many women as I did, it becomes difficult for beauty to stand out. But this woman did just that. She stood out from every other woman I’d been with or wanted to be with."
I loved that this was in Jack’s POV as we got to see how he looked at life and how he assessed his own life and how Belle made him feel.
I don’t want to give too much away, but their relationship grows.  In the first part of the story, it becomes sexy, sensual and electrifying.  The sensuality through this book was sizzling and Jack and Belle’s chemistry was amazing.  It was truly mesmerizing to see these two so caught up in each other.
The second part of this story is filled with intense emotions and unexpected events that left me heart broken and in shock.
I did not see what was coming, I felt like I was blown out of the water.  Watching how Jack deals with these events really had me in tears.  I felt every emotion Jack was going through.  I’m still feeling them now.
I adored the words he wrote in the song for Belle, just thinking of them now while writing this review is making me cry.  Truly a beautiful tribute to Belle.
Angel’s Song
Walking round in circles, never reaching the end.
Time moving by me as I try to pretend.
Out of the shadows you stepped into my heart.
Your loved filled the cracks that were breaking me apart.
Everything that is beautiful is caught up in you.
I’m so into you baby, that this is what I wanna do.
These feelings make me nervous, it’s something so new,
But I’m into you darlin’ and I’m gonna see this through.
Everything that is beautiful is caught up in you.
I was drawn to your eyes, so confident and sure.
Your warmth touched me deeply, down to my core.
When I saw your smile so beautiful, it was then that I knew.
Your love left me wanting, everything that was you.
I wish I’d have told you how much you meant to me
You’re forever in my heart, but now I need to set you free.
I don’t want to live without you, I need you by my side.
But now you’ve got your wings, Angel I want you to fly.
Everything that is beautiful is caught up in you.
I’m so into you baby, that this is what I wanna do.
These feelings make me nervous, it’s something so new,
But I’m into you darlin’ and I’m gonna see this through.
Everything that is beautiful is caught up in you.
Oh Angel, everything that is beautiful is only you.
Thank you Missy Johnson for captivating me throughout this story.  It was a beautiful prequel to Beautiful Rose to help us understand Jack and where Jack is now in his life.

I loved this book.  It is a must read.
Review by Trish

#1 Beautiful Rose

Jack Falcon is a new man. Three years after he left his life behind in London, Jack finally feels settled. He’s surrounded with everything that is important to him; a great relationship with his brother, Alex, a bar he is about to re-open, and most importantly, he has control of his life and his dreams. He knows he can’t undo the wrongs of his past, but he sure as hell can determine his future. He has worked hard to move forward and nothing is going to undo that.

Until he meets Rose.

Rose Wilson has never felt normal. Since she was a child, Rose has felt nothing but the overwhelming desire to end her life and she has no idea why. We live to die, so what’s the point in living? Rose has pushed the limits in the past, and pushed people away. She can’t figure out why Jack and Alex are so insistent on helping her. Twelve years of therapy has failed to help her, so why should they be any different?

Jack sees just how beautiful and important Rose is, but convincing her of that means putting his heart on the line, something he isn’t sure he can do. He can’t deny his feeling for Rose, but that doesn’t mean he has to act on them. And Jack isn’t the only one developing feelings for Rose.

Before Rose, Jack vowed he would never let himself fall in love again.

Before Rose, he had control.

But sometimes, it’s losing control that makes you really see what’s really important in your life.



Yes that’s right – this book has it all….
3 years on and Jack is now in the US and owns his own bar.  He is still harboring the loss of his Belle and has guarded his heart from true love. 
His so called go to girl – Harmony – is just that to him.  Something to pass the time.  He will never really love her.  Harmony is slutty, crass and rude.  Thank God he gets rid of her.
Jack still believes he doesn’t deserve to be loved and doesn’t want to go through the hurt of what he’s been through in the past so he hides behind this fa├žade that he doesn’t need or deserve love.
Jack and his brother Alex have a great relationship and they have always been there for each other.  Alex really is a beautiful soul - always looking out for Jack’s best interests.
Alex is a psychologist and works at a hospital where Rose is a patient.
Circumstances have Jack picking up Alex from his work place where he runs into Rose.  He is instantly captivated by Rose’s singing as she is singing to herself via her ipod.
Rose is stunningly attractive, warm, playful and a little bit of a lost soul.  She has her problems which she is trying to work through.
Rose is lost in life, her anxiety to live gets the better of her and makes her feel it would be better off if she wasn’t around.  She struggles to fight these feelings and Jack may just be what she needs.
They hit it off instantly and Jack begins to feel the same feelings he felt for Belle.  He loved Belle - Is he betraying Belle?  Does he deserve to pursue anything with Rose.  His feelings for Rose scare him.
The plot surprises me when Alex suggests Rose as a waitress for Jack’s bar.  We watch as weeks pass, and the ride that Jack goes through to fight his feelings for Rose.  Rose is also fighting her own feelings for Jack and her anxiety of life.
I loved reading this soul searching journey through Jack and Rose as they struggle to realize their feelings for one another and make sense of them.  Jack still loves Belle and always will.  Can he move on with Rose?  Rose is not sure that she won’t hurt Jack.  Her anxiety is something she is still struggling with - Is she going to make him happy – will she hurt him?
Can Rose make Jack believe he deserves love again?  Will she heal his broken heart to believe he can be loved and can love again?
Will Jack be able to save Rose from her anxiety and make her believe that she is worth the effort of life?
This is such a heart felt story with an original concept and plot with a beautiful ending.  I loved this story and the emotions it made me feel.  I love Jack and Rose.  They complete each other.

Thank you Missy for making me feel this through my bones.  I loved every minute of this story.
 Review by Trish

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