April 16, 2014

BO & EMBER by Andrea Randall ~ BLOG STOP

Bo and Ember by Andrea Randall
Book #4 in The November Blue Series
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Releases April 10th
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And they lived happily ever after …

That’s where the typical romance ends. For Bo and Ember Cavanaugh, however, the “I do’s” are just the beginning.

On the heels of a wildly successful tour with The Six, Bo and Ember are offered the musical opportunity of a lifetime. A cross-country move back to the Cavanaugh estate holds promises, old friends, and feelings they thought were long since buried. 

In the middle of the whirlwind that is their professional life, Bo and Ember try to establish a solid and loving home. Life, though, doesn’t stay in the promises of “happily ever after.” 

In the final installment of the November Blue series, excitement, temptation, loss, and the struggle over what love means forces the couple to strip it all away and focus on what it means to be soul mates, what it means to be married, and what it means to be … 

Bo & Ember.

Review by Carmie

I first met the members of the band, The Six in Sweet Forty-twoand fell in love with them.  This book is the fourth book in the November Blue series and happens about a year after Bo and Ember got married (Marrying Ember).

Their band The Six has been invited to play at Live in the Vineyard, in which a select group of bands are invited to play over a three day period.  The setting is intimate and chances for making industry connections are very high.  Someone has to be paying special attention to them for them to have received an invitation.  Even stranger, is the fact that Bo, Ember and Regan, the three younger members of the group have also been invited to do a special set.

“For richer or poorer” may have new meaning to Bo, Ember and Regan as they stare down their future.  It’s no surprise that they get offered a record deal.  Regan opts to stay on the west coast and work with a band Celtic Souls so he can spend more time with Georgia.  Bo and Ember head to the east coast to finish their album as a duo. 

Bo is originally from the east coast and Ember has friends there.  So it's a great move for them.  Bo gets to play a more active part in running the non-profit organization that was started after the death of his sister Rae.  Ember undertakes remodeling and redecorating of Bo’s family home.  Everything seems to be coming up roses.

Until they are reminded of their vows once again.  “In sickness and in health” take on new meaning as Bo and Ember struggle after they are dealt a devastating blow.  They each deal with it in their own way and lose the bond that made them so special together.  As this crisis unfolded, I was right there with them and I cried as they cried.  It is amazing the emotion that comes across the pages!

Neither Bo nor Ember are willing to walk away from each other but don’t know how to find their way back to one another.  I’m not going to tell you how this all ends, but I will tell you that the journey was worthwhile.  Following Bo and Ember throughout the series, seeing them go through all the same ups and downs as people I see every day is a testament to the author’s ability to connect with the readers and make the story something we can relate to.

Andrea is a 2005 graduate of Cornell University and does not currently use her degree in Development Sociology. She does, however, use her people skills and love for writing every day. She and her partner, Charles Sheehan-Miles, live and write together in Massachusetts.

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