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Teaching Willow by Paige James PROMO

Series:Teaching Willow: Session 1
Author: Paige James
Publication Date: March 25, 2013

Teaching Willow

My name is Willow Masters. I’m a senior in college, I’m smart and I keep to myself. I haven’t had an “incident” in over ten years. What all of these facts have in common is that none of them made any difference when it came to Ebon Daniels.

He started out as my sister’s date. I was instantly infatuated, but had no plans to do anything about it. I even managed to keep my feelings hidden when he took over my Modernist Literature class for the semester. The problems didn’t start until my sister took pages from my book—literal pages from a book I was writing—and gave them to the one person never intended to see them. That’s when the lies started. That’s also when I saw an opportunity to make my only dream become a reality.

How could a lie get me all that I ever wanted and, only a few months later, cost me everything that has ever mattered?

It doesn’t seem possible, but it is. It’s possible, it’s true and it’s tragic. In my book, there is a happy ending, but I don’t know if my life will have the same outcome.

My name is Willow Masters and this is the story of how falling in love with my teacher nearly destroyed both of our lives.

And it still might.

Class begins
MARCH 25, 2014
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Romeo and Juliet Mad Lib We asked Willow to play Mad Libs with us, here’s what happened…

·       ADJECTIVE- sexy
·       NOUN- Ebon
·       NOUN- teacher
·       VERB- tasted
·       ADJECTIVE- salty
·       NOUN- professor
·       VERB- spanked
·       NOUN- student
·       VERB ENDING IN "S"- licks
·       BODY PART (PLURAL)- nipples
·       ADJECTIVE- creamy
·       PLACE- classroom
·       VERB- touched
·       SHAPE (PLURAL)- triangles
·       NOUN- lover
·       NOUN- forbidden fruit
·       ANIMAL (PLURAL)- tigers
·       NOUN- ruler

Shakespeare`s Romeo and Juliet? Mad:)Take

But sexy! What light through yonder Ebon breaks? 
It is the East, and Juliet is the teacher
Arise, fair sun, and tasted the envious moon, 
Who is already sick and salty with grief 
That thou her professor art far more fair than she. 
Be not her professor, since she is envious. 
Her vestal livery is but sick and green, 
And none but fools do spanked it. Cast it off. 
It is my lady; O, it is my student
O that she knew she were! 
She licks, yet she says nothing. What of that? 
Her nipples discourses; I will answer it. 
I am too creamy; `tis not to me she licks
Two of the fairest stars in all the classroom
Having some business, do entreat her nipples
To touched in their trianglestill they return. 
What if her nipples were there, they in her head? 
The lover of her cheek would shame those stars 
As daylight doth a lamp; her nipples in classroom
Would through the airy forbidden fruit stream so bright 
That tigers would sing and think it were not night. 
See how she leans her cheek upon her ruler
O that I were a glove upon that ruler
That I might touch that cheek!

Favorite Quotes

That’s Ebon Daniels in a nutshell.  He’s like a drug.  And I’m hopelessly addicted.”--  I love this one because throughout the series, this theme is reinforced.  Willow functions very similarly to an addict.  She doesn’t want to give up her “drug”, doesn’t really want to stop, no matter how out of hand it gets or how dangerous it becomes.

But more than that, there’s just something about her, something innocently provocative that draws me to her like frozen hands to a warm fire.  Or a cold heart to the fires of hell.” --Ebon struggles with his unwanted feelings for Willow. He’s intractably drawn to her on the one hand, but on the other hand he resists her because he feels that his desire for her makes him a terrible person.

“I’ll do the right thing.  After tonight.”--  Both Ebon and Willow struggle with doing what’s right versus what they want.  If you’ve ever wanted something SO, SO badly, but you’ve known that, for whatever reason it’s wrong to have it (or to even want it) then you’ll know what this battle feels like.  You might even know what it feels like to lose this battle.

“Then I want to know it.  All of it.  I want to know the girl who feels that way.”I love this because Ebon is thinking of Willow even as he says it, secretly hoping that maybe he’ll find her in her sister.

 “She’s different than the girl you know.  I keep that girl hidden, almost like she’s someone else.  But if you want the real me, I’ll give her to you.”--  Willow sees an opening to reveal her true self to Ebon in a somewhat consequence-free manner and, although not the way she’d dreamed of sharing her heart with him, she’s willing to do it if it means getting even a small piece of Ebon.

“Yes. I want her.  I want her bad,” he says before he softly commands, “Give her to me.”  --  This is Ebon’s urgency, his insatiable hunger, confessed.

“Nnnnh,” he grunts in my ear before whispering, “you’ll feel me tomorrow, won’t you?”  He pulls out and rams into me again.  “You’ll feel sore and achy.  You’ll feel it when you walk.  And you’ll think of my cock a million times before lunch, won’t you?”I love that Ebon likes the thought of sort of “marking” her, that he will affect her in such a way that she won’t be able to stop thinking about him and what he’s doing to her.

“Unfortunately, the less able I am to satisfy my desire, the more it haunts me, the more powerful it becomes.  From innocent to fascinating, from curious to ravenous.”--  I think this sums up so much of the story.  Wanting what you can’t have and then letting the desire for it eat away at you until it’s nearly an obsession.

“How is it possible to feel such conflict?  Such soul-singing ecstasy on the one hand and such heart-wrenching agony on the other?”--  I had to add this one because it so sharply defines what is going on within Willow, how torturous it is for her.

Character Profile: Ebon

Tell us about Ebon. How was he created? What are his vices, virtues? Give us something about Ebon that we don't know yet. What does he look like in your mind?
Ebon is the tall, dark professor who oozes sex appeal and drives all his students crazy with his charming smile, deep green eyes and insight into the romance of the written word.  He is the quintessential good guy who struggles with doing the right thing when he so desperately wants to do something else.  I think what fascinates me most about him, however, is the question of whether he would make the same choices IF his past weren’t as it is, which has yet to be revealed. I’ll simply say that if it makes an appearance in his present, it could have a dramatically negative bearing on his life.  It does, however, help him to resist Willow when he might not have been able to hold out for so long otherwise. 
His biggest vice is his weakness for peeling back the innocent to delve into the taboo.  His virtue is in how honest he is with himself.
I could see him being played by Matt Bomer, especially in the first picture where he’s on the phone.  Maybe talking to Willow?  He has that clean-cut look to him despite his perpetual 5 o’clock shadow and sometimes longish hair.  He looks intelligent and sexy as hell, all at the same time.  Who would mind any kind of lesson if he were the teacher?

Character Profile: Willow

Tell us about Willow. How was she created? What are her vices, virtues? Give us something about Willow that we don't know yet. What does she look like in your mind?
Willow is a girl with ghosts.  She’s haunted and Ebon picks up on that. She fascinates him on many different levels.  She has long, dark hair and blue eyes.  She’s classically beautiful.  Very natural.  But there’s a sensuality to her that she can’t completely hide behind her studious appearance.  Her sister, Sage, wears it with pride.  Willow tucks it away, which gives her a mysterious, forbidden quality that eats away at Ebon.  Her biggest vice is Ebon.  Hands down.  Her biggest virtue is her love for him.  While it will cause them untold troubles, it is so pure she can’t resist it.
Something you don’t yet know about Willow is that she had some mental health issues that she fought and overcame.  But can she keep old demons at bay?  Or will they revisit her, threatening all that she holds dear?
I can see her in model Lauren Mellor, especially in this picture.  It’s the natural Willow with that latent sensuality shining through. 

 A Few Facts About Ebon
·       All time favorite book and why? Lady Chatterly’s Lover.  And I think we all know why.
·       Favorite character?  Maybe Humbert Humbert, for some obvious (and maybe a few not-so-obvious) reasons.  I know what it’s like to be watch my “Lolita,” to crave the forbidden fruit yet rebuff the desire in such a deeply disturbing way.
·       Favorite couple?  Romeo and Juliet because no one knows what it’s like to be star-crossed lovers like they do.
·       Favorite quote?  “We fucked a flame into being.”  Such is the power of love and passion.
·       Favorite author?  Willow Masters for the way she captures me so fully with her words
·       If you could compare your writing style to an author, who would it be?  Maybe to D. H. Lawrence.  I think there is a lot of my soul in my work, just like I feel there is a lot of his soul in his.

If you could have dinner with one famous author, who would you pick? What would you ask?
(Ebon)I would probably choose either William Shakespeare or Ernest Hemingway simply because I’m curious about their tragedy.  Were their lives filled with such sadness and travesty? Or were their works nothing more than inspired fiction?

(Willow)I would choose Shakespeare, too.  I want to know if there was ever any other end for Romeo and Juliet. Or were they doomed from the very first page of their love?


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