April 26, 2014

Teaching Willow: Session Three by Paige James - Review

It started with waking up in a strange place.
It ended with everything that I thought I knew coming into question. 
Now, I’m watching love turn into hate, bend turn into break and lies turn into truth that hurts worse than the deception ever did.
Such is my life, The Wicked World of Willow Masters.



Reviewed By MICHELLE 

After reading Sessions One and Two and finding that each installment just got better, I have to say that I was a wee bit disappointed in Teaching Willow: Session Three.  Despite feeling a touch unfulfilled when things finally hit the fan, this session continues to deliver as far as suspense and heat.
Let me just start by saying that Paige James has suspense down pat.  Session Two was a total nail-biter and I could hardly wait for Session Three in which things would eventually come to a head.  The thing that really stuck with me during this portion of the story though was Ebon’s reaction, or lack thereof really, to finding out the truth.  Sure he physically reacts but there just wasn’t much emotion and he never really faces and deals with any feelings he has about the deception.
Ms. James also definitely brings the heat.  Although there is not as much intimacy in the way of quantity, the intensity still burns just as hot and the depth that we plunge further into the history and narrative is a worthwhile consolation.
Fortunately just when you think you know all the secrets between Ebon and Willow you get a glimpse of Ebon’s past and a hint at just what this means for his future.  I am definitely looking forward to learning more about the new developments encountered this session and can’t wait to see where this wild ride takes me.

Rating 3.5 Stars

About the Author:

My name is Paige James. I'm a fairly shy bookworm and lover of all things romantic and steamy. I'm a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a drinker of wine, an animal advocate (even the ones that look like rodents) and a spinner of tales. Thank you for taking a chance on my work. You're making this working girl's dream come true.

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