May 01, 2016

Hummingbird by Kasey Millstead ~ RELEASE DAY BLITZ & REVIEW

Title: Hummingbird
Author: Kasey Millstead
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: May 1, 2016


Being the subject of the hushed whispers from the acid tongues of her peers was something Belle Morgan had become accustomed to. That didn’t mean each barb didn’t scar her deeply. It did.

Xander Duke wasn’t planning on talking to the girl he found sitting by herself in the library that lunchtime. But something about her drew him right in and he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to find out all about her.

As Belle learns to trust Xander, he refrains from exposing a secret that will tear her scarred heart wide open. When the truth comes out, will he be able to piece Belle back together again?

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Review by: Leeann 

So if you know who Kasey Millstead is, you will know she writes amazingly hot cowboy stories. This is not one of those. This story is so different from Kasey's usual stories but it is also her best one yet. 
She has taken a story about a girl who has been bullied for years and told it with class and eloquence. She has included many twists and turns and I have to say, I had no clue where this story was going and was completely flabbergasted when the penny dropped.

This is a story that I will be getting my daughter to read when she starts high school and I firmly believe that this book should be circulated into the high school curriculum everywhere. There are no sex scenes so there is no impropriety to be concerned about. Just imagine if this story could help just one person, how amazing it would be. 

Kasey Millstead has shown her versatility and adaptability writing this story. I don't imagine for one second it was an easy topic to write about but she has done it in a way that draws you in and keeps you hooked from start to finish. It is clear she has done her research extensively and has not just randomly thrown words onto a page. 

I would highly recommend that everyone reads this book. It is thought provoking and emotional and makes you want to climb into the pages and wrap Belle up in cotton wool then take her home with you.  
I cannot say enough great things about this book and if I could give it more than 5 stars I definitely would! 

5++++++ shiny sparkly stars

Review by: Tatia 

This book was more than I expected. I never saw the twist and turns that it took coming.
Belle doesn't have the best life. While she doesn't NEED anything, there are definitely many things she wishes were different. He home life isn't the best. Her parents are standoffish and don't show that they care for her much. She's extremely bullied at school. She's basically all alone. She's just trying to survive until graduation. After that she can leave and never look back. Things start to look up a little when she meets a boy named Xander. She's skeptical at first. With all that she endures at school, she can't believe that he would be interested in her. She slowly starts to trust him little by little. Xander reveals that he has something to tell her, but only when the time is right.
While this book wasn't anything that I saw coming, it left a mark on me. It broke my heart reading what Belle had to deal with. It's very thought provoking story that will have you double checking your actions as to not cause anyone this type of pain.

4 Stars 

Author Bio

Kasey Millstead lives a quiet life in country New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and their four young children. She enjoys baking, singing (ridiculously out of tune) & spending time with friends and family. Kasey has always harboured a deep love for reading and writing, and she is now lucky enough to be living her dream of being an Author.

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