July 07, 2013

Demanding Ransom Review

Demanding Ransom – by Megan Squires

Sometimes life takes things away from you.

In nineteen-year-old Maggie Carson’s case, it’s taken more than its fair share.

Determined to move forward, Maggie embarks on her first year of college, hoping to finally put her past behind her, exactly where it belongs.
But that’s hard to do when the present is just as difficult. And even harder when someone like Ran, the gorgeous paramedic that keeps crossing Maggie’s path, challenges her to face things head on, rather than bury them like she always does.

Ran hasn’t had a perfect life either. But there’s something different about him, and something different about the way he makes Maggie feel. Maybe meeting Ran is life’s little gift for Maggie—a sort of consolation prize for enduring everything she's had to go through.

But things don’t come easy for Maggie. Why should love be the exception? And just when everything starts to settle, it’s all turned on its head once again.

If there is one thing Ran has taught Maggie, it’s that you can’t sit on the sidelines of your own existence. When life takes something that’s yours, you have every right to demand it back.

Only for Maggie, that is easier said than done.

“When life takes something that is yours, you have every right to demand it back!”

Maggie is very family orientated despite her mother walking out on their family, and would do anything for her dad and brother, especially now that her brother has been diagnosed with cancer. She can’t imagine loosing Mikey and wants to be there for him!
Within this book Maggie deals with a variety of different emotions from having guilt to anger and love. But no matter what, Ran is always there to help her through the tough times and also help her forgive and move on.
“It’s scary Maggie. I told you I’m good at patching things up – I can help you with your mom. But I can’t completely fix you – that’s going to come from within. I can’t do that for you.”
This book was all about forgetting the past and looking at the future. Not letting your past define you and being able to choose how you want to spend your life and with who.

Throughout the book Maggie realizes that her mother abandoning her and Mikey had nothing to do with them, she just didn’t care to be a mother. Maggie sees firsthand that her mother isn’t there for her new family than she was for her and Mikey. Maggie can finally find some peace within herself in regards to her mother and can move on.

Maggie’s life finally seems to be going on track until another obstacle is thrown in her way and Maggie doesn’t feel like she can fight it anymore and decides maybe it’s better to have loved for a little while than face rejection. However this book shows that true love shines through.

“I have a right to love just as much as anyone else. I would have done anything to get that back”
 This book was one of very few that made me laugh and cry and really connect with Maggie and Ran. I wanted their love to shine through and for them both to finally catch the break they both deserved. I can’t wait for Maggie and Ran’s story to continue in Ransom’s Note coming early 2014!
“I can’t fall in love with you again, Maggie… Because that would mean there was a time that I fell out of love with you… And that never happened … I fell fast, and I fell forever, too.”

xxx - Tash

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