August 06, 2013

Finding My Way by Megan Keith review

Finding My Way by Megan Keith

Breaking up is hard to do… moving on is even harder…

When twenty-three-year-old Emma discovers that her ex is moving on with his life, she decides to harden up and get on with living her own.

Who knew that just opening up to the possibility of a new relationship would be all that it took?

Things start looking up when her hot new co-worker Seth notices her. He had been the subject of her fantasies, but she never thought she stood a chance.

Then there’s Nick, the sexy and self-assured guy she met at the train station that she cannot get out of her head.

When even more prospects begin to show it seems that life is finally looking up. Top it off with a new career opportunity and Emma finally believes she can 'find her way' to a whole new life.


The story between Emma, Nick and Seth is lovable.

Seth is this easy to love confortable guy whereas Nick is the ‘bad boy’ in this story. He is known for his reputation as a player and doesn’t usually stay with one girl more than once. So why does he feel the need to stay close to Emma?

Who will Emma choose? The lovable easy going and romantic Seth, or the ‘bad boy’ that is looking for one-night stands and could potentially hurt her.

Emma finds there is a lot of passion for both men and is finding it hard to decide whom she wants.
Nick being the player he is, pushes Emma away when he feels he may be taking advantage of her, but does Emma know that’s the reason, or does she believe she is being rejected. This pushed Emma to choose Seth, but will she get her happily ever after? And what happens when her ex is thrown into the mix?

By the end of the book Emma ends up with neither of the boys but believes it is time for her to focus on herself. She has taken on the belief that she doesn’t need a guy to be happy.

This book is in all 3 P.O.V’s and gives you an insight into what the men are feeling.

I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to see how Emma’s life turns out.

Rate: 4 out of 5 stars!

xxx - Tash

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