April 18, 2017

The Traveler by H.J. Bellus - FMR REVIEW

The Traveler by H.J. Bellus

From the USA Today and AMAZON best seller of The Reckless Series, HJ Bellus, comes a sexy romance: THE TRAVELLER.

Hart Richards has never found home. 

Sure, he was raised in a house...but it was far from a home. 

He thought he'd found it in the Army, only to have his world shattered along with his band of brothers. 

Hart settled in a small-town in Montana until the inevitable happened. 

The call he dreaded the most... 

His mom was dying and he needed to return to the place he grew up. 

Leaving his business behind to his best friend Cub, he set out on a long road trip back to Nashville. 

The endless road, his only solace as the miles ticked by. 

His soul in his pocket travelled aimlessly... 

Hart had no idea what was waiting for him back in Nashville. The Traveller's adventure may turn into his reality.


Review by: Leeann

There seriously needs to be a more than 5 star rating option! 
This book absolutely gutted me in some parts but piece by piece my heart was restored by the words Ms Bellus put down to build the story of Hart and Vannie (Savannah).

In the book world we talk a lot about show versus tell when it comes to communication between the characters. This book is a whole lot of showing! Because of all the showing going on, this story is uniquely amazing. The emotions are raw, the insecurities are real and above it all the love shines bright. 

This is predominantly a story about two people and the love they feel for each other but it is also about the unconditional love of family, whether it be blood related or self made. Harts family love his completely and unreservedly and they extend that love and acceptance to Vannie as well. His self made family back home also share this same love. He loves them and they love him and in doing so they also extend that love to Vannie. 

These two came into each others lives at a time when neither of the realised they needed it. I felt like they were soul mates just waiting for the right time to make themselves known to one another.

This is a beautifully emotional story that will give you all the feels. You may need tissues, you may laugh outloud and you may find yourself feeling angry with one or two evil characters along the way. It is one of those stories that speaks to your soul and leaves it mark as a reminder of what real love is all about. 
This is part of a trilogy but can be read as a stand alone, however, I would highly recommend reading the 1st two books first, just because... Well.. They are simply amazing!!

HJ Bellus has hit the mark again & I Can't wait to read whatever she has coming out next!!

5 Stars

Review by:Gina

I've been in love with this series from the beginning so I was so happy to see Hart get his own story. And what a beautiful story it was. I didn't find Hart's story as emotional as the other two but it still had it's moments. The situation with his mother was a little heart breaking and Vannie's was a complete mystery to me. I wanted to know more and more about her story and her past. 

I really enjoyed the story. It had a fast pace that kept me wanting to keep going and not put the book down. I also, thought the story was well written. If you've read the other books in the series, you are familiar with Hart but Vannie is new and what the game changer. 

This book is full of love, laughs, tears as The Traveler discovers what it means to find love and happiness. 

4 Stars

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